La Gree Des landes

The Yves Rocher Cabin

It rises up in the clearing, massive and majestic. You have to stand in a circle to hug its knotty trunk, fiercely rooted in Brittany's moorland, very near some Neolithic remains – stones carved with cupules, half buried in the moss. Nestling high in the branches of this cypress, a tree that symbolises longevity, is the Yves Rocher Spa Cabin. Robinson Crusoe would have loved it, suspended six metres above the ground for a unique tête-à-tête with the trees.

Up in the leaves, leaving your cares on the ground
During the summer – from June to September – the cabin is used for individual yoga classes or a "Heaven & Earth" beauty treatment created especially for this place, a cocoon of tranquillity amongst the foliage. Solos or duos are guaranteed a moment of pure well-being, in total harmony with the elements. The choice of treatment sets the tone: our famous silky chamomile cream, that great Yves Rocher classic created in the 1960s. A head, neck and trapezius massage to capture the Heavenly energy, a foot massage to keep you connected to the Earth, a hand and forearm massage to complete your relaxation…. After that, no one would blame you at all if you fancied staying a while longer, floating between heaven and earth. Make the most of it: you have plenty of time.

Discover our "Special Cabin" gift packs
A real tête-à-tête with the trees… to lift the spirits and soothe the body.
Your schedule: A rendez-vous at the summit of well-being, to include:

  • A tailored Well-being treatment for two, lasting 25 mins or 50 mins
  • Access to the relaxation tub and hammam in the Yves Rocher Spa
  • Access to the pool in the Wellness Space