Maison Yves Rocher
Engrossing, sensational, thrilling

There exists between you and us a very special relationship, inspired by the beauty of women and the love of plants. We would now like to show you, from the inside, what makes Yves Rocher such a unique brand throughout the world.

Come and experience the adventure that began in 1959 in a simple attic in Brittany. Discover how a committed international brand continues to find daily inspiration in the values upon which it was founded by Monsieur Yves Rocher. See for yourself how major industrial success can go hand in hand with ecological awareness.

Awaken all your senses, here are the keys to our home.

Tour the amazing Yves Rocher Scenography
5immersive universes
45 minutes of pleasure
A series of original stage sets featuring multi-sensory décors and materials

Yves Rocher

Embark on a
a beautiful story

Enter the unique universe of the Yves Rocher Brand through an incredible immersive multi-sensory scenography! This 45-minute walk-through exhibition is a spectacular way to learn all the secrets of this world-famous French cosmetics brand, born here, in La Gacilly. 

Impressive stage sets and décors, audio-visual screenings, light effects and special effects... plunge into an experiential, moving and cadenced journey, a true ode to Nature, to women and to life. 

The Scenography at Maison Yves Rocher consists of five themed rooms, full of colour, that let you slip inside the innovative vision of Monsieur Rocher, the life force of the plant world, the expertise of our research laboratories and our factories, and finally the commitments of a unique beauty brand. 

So you think you know us? We have a surprise for you…

The Yves Rocher Scenography is also a story of creation

  • 45-minute walk-through exhibition
  • 1 specialist Sceno-Vision agency
  • 2 scenographers and 1 stage director
  • More than 80 designers,, stage designers and multi-skilled technicians,
  • 460 m². of floorspace in a stone-built former mill, fully equipped with technology,
  • 5 original stage sets featuring multi-sensory décor and materials,
  • 1 composer, original symphonic music, 43 musicians and 10 choristers

The Yves Rocher
Boutique & Institute
Putting your beauty and your well-being first

Call in at The Yves Rocher Boutique & Institute for an unparalleled beauty experience that includes personalised advice from our beauty consultants, beauty flash treatments, testing products and treatments based on Botanical Beauty for face and body. The boutique also offers its own exclusive range of "made in La Gacilly" products and gifts.

The Végétarium Restaurant
Your gourmet break

Settle yourselves comfortably in our winter garden or on the spacious terrace at the water's edge, and enjoy dishes full of vitality and colour. Our team's priority is to ensure that the time you spend with us is made enjoyable by the food we serve, and also by the ambiance we provide, which is always relaxed and friendly.

Musical and cultural events
Endless discoveries to be made

All year round, Maison Yves Rocher puts on a varied programme of high-quality events for all audiences, including early-evening concerts on Thursdays all through the La Gacilly Festival of Photography, from June to September.

La Gacilly,
The Botanical Beauty Valley™

Meet the men and women who make La Gacilly a unique ecosystem where economic prosperity is used for the benefit of Mankind and Nature. Absorb the spirit of the Botanical Garden and our factories, discover the beating heart of our Agronomics department and of our commitments to biodiversity