The Yves Rocher brand unveils
its new emblem

It is in La Gacilly, the birthplace of its founder, that Yves Rocher is opening its "Maison de Marque". Created under the banner of discovery and innovation, this new emblem of the Brand shines a fascinating spotlight on its stand-out features: its expertise in Cosmétique Végétale®, its commitment to feminine beauty and nature, its human values and its regional attachment, etc.

The Maison Yves Rocher unveils the history and world of the Yves Rocher brand and strengthens the close bond that this family-owned and international “made in Brittany” company has traditionally tied with its customers and employees.

On the site of the Yves Rocher Végétarium, in the hear t of the village of La Gacilly, the Maison Yves Rocher now numbers 3 entities: The "Le Végétarium" Restaurant, The Immersive Museum , Yves Rocher Boutique & Institute.

Maison Yves Rocher · Museum and Visit in Brittany · La Gacilly



Embark on a beautiful story

Enter the unique universe of the Yves Rocher Brand through an incredible immersive multi-sensory scenography! This 45-minute walk-through exhibition is a spectacular way to learn all the secrets of this world-famous French cosmetics brand, born here, in La Gacilly. 

Impressive stage sets and décors, audio-visual screenings, light effects and special effects... plunge into an experiential, moving and cadenced journey, a true ode to Nature, to women and to life. The Museum immersive at Maison Yves Rocher consists of five themed rooms, full of colour, that let you slip inside the innovative vision of Monsieur Rocher, the life force of the plant world, the expertise of our research laboratories and our factories, and finally the commitments of a unique beauty brand. 

So you think you know us? We have a surprise for you…


Your gourmet break

Settle yourselves comfortably in our winter garden or on the spacious terrace at the water's edge, and enjoy dishes full of vitality and colour. Our team's priority is to ensure that the time you spend with us is made enjoyable by the food we serve, and also by the ambiance we provide, which is always relaxed and friendly.

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