La Gacilly,
The Botanical Beauty Valley™

The cradle of the Yves Rocher Brand
La Gacilly, The Botanical Beauty Valley

Brittany's moorlands are where the Yves Rocher story began: this is where it is written, where the action is set and where the story continues to unfold, here in this unique ecosystem.

In La Gacilly, nature is beneficial and soothing, and is a daily source of inspiration to the Yves Rocher business: discover the Botanical Garden, the number one plant supply source, and the production facilities, with their twin focus on excellence of quality, and social and environmental responsibility.


Yves Rocher Botanical Garden

Walks in the Garden

Guided tours, workshops, meetings, events and a few nods to the La Gacilly Festival of Photography: from June to September, when the Botanical Garden dons its finest colours, scents and textures to tell you about the plant world.

These guided tours, led by an Yves Rocher expert, will let you into the secrets of the many protected, valuable plant species that were starting point and the inspiration for Yves Rocher products.

Yves Rocher's Organic Fields
La Gacilly, the original supply source

Cultivated on 55 hectares of organic fields, in La Gacilly, our iconic plants are harvested after an exclusive, environmentally-friendly production cycle, in symbiosis with biodiversity. By taking agroecology as its guiding principle, the Agronomics team strikes a harmonious balance between supply constraints, quality of ingredients and the protection of our ecosystems.

The Yves Rocher factories
Exemplifying environmental integration.

In the area around La Gacilly, the three Yves Rocher production sites (Villes-Geffs, Rieux and Ploërmel), which have held bird sanctuary status from France's Birds' Protection League since 2008, are rooted in their environment and committed to protecting the ecosystem.

To the same end, an ambitious initiative to reduce waste, save energy and promote the eco-design of products is being rolled out.

Striking a harmonious balance between profitability and eco-responsibility, these three industrial sites hold triple accreditation: quality, safety and environmental.

La Grée des Landes,
Eco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher

Time to reconnect with nature and discover the very essence of well-being.

Nestling on the hillside above La Gacilly, in the heart of Brittany's moorlands, La Grée des Landes, Eco-Hôtel Spa Yves Rocher offers you a peaceful setting, buried deep in nature. An eco-design hotel, a bird sanctuary, local organic produce served at Les Jardins Sauvages gastro-restaurant, the Yves Rocher Spa and rituals... Embrace Natural Slow Life and take time out to spend a moment in symbiosis with the majesty of Nature in La Gacilly.

La Grée des Landes